Exchange Rate Forecasts

The TorFX blog provides analysis the currency exchange rates on a daily basis to help keep our avid blog readers up to date with the latest currency news. By keeping our readers updated, we can enable them to take full advantage of the current exchange rate trends, helping them to achieve the best currency exchange rates when they decide to trade their chosen currency.
Personal Foreign Exchange Rates

Euro Exchange Rate

One of the most popular categories in the TorFX exchange rate blog is the euro exchange rate forecasts. We supply a weekly currency report which includes a currency conversion chart, this currency report highlights the main technical analysis of trends in the market and includes suggestions to help reduce risk and maximise opportunity to those hoping to make a currency trade.

Business Foreign Exchange

Exchange Rates

A market based currency exchange rate is determined by the values of its two component currencies, for example the GBP/US Dollar exchange rate is determined by the value of GBP (Sterling) and the value of the US Dollar. These two values are constantly changing which means that the GBP/US Dollar exchange rate is also constantly fluctuating. Here at TorFX we analyse these fluctuations on a daily basis, we also look out for data due to be released which may cause significant changes to the currency exchange rates.

Most Recent Posts

Exchange Rate Forecast

Sterling Hits 5-Year High Against ‘Aussie’ Dollar

Headlines UK house price growth slows – Retail sales cool in January. German inflation sinks to -0.3% – Euro rises on profit-taking stances. US jobless claims at 15-yr low – American Q4 GDP on tap. GBP/AUD hits 5-yr high – RBA rate cut fears impact ‘Aussie’. Sterling The Pound gained ground against the commodity currencies but... Read more
Exchange Rate Forecast

Sterling Surges 3-Cents Vs. New Zealand Dollar

Headlines BoE Gov. slams German surplus – Urges Germany to spend more in Europe. Greek markets crumble – ‘Grexit’ fears emerge. Fed cautiously upbeat – Positive statement, but no immediate hike on cards. GBP/NZD up 3 cents – RBNZ shifts towards rate cuts. Sterling There were no significant British data releases for traders to get their teeth into yesterday, so... Read more
Exchange Rate Forecast

Pound to Rand exchange rate slumped to its lowest level since Christmas 2013

Foreign Currency Market Update – GBP / ZAR Update The Pound South African Rand exchange rate slumped to its lowest level since Christmas 2013 during last Friday’s session as investors moved to price-in the announcement of a larger than anticipated Quantitative Easing programme from the European Central Bank (ECB) the previous day. The euroland’s reserve bank... Read more

Currency Conversion Chart

A great way to keep track of fluctuations in the exchange rates market is by using a Currency Conversion Chart. With our currency updates we supply conversion price charts which show current and historical rates. Along with these charts we analyse and explain what caused the market changes.

Here is an example of a typical currency conversion chart for GBP/EUR;

Foreign Exchange Forecast Chart

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