Staff Testimonials

To find out what it is like working for TorFX please read some of our staff testimonials.

Adam Solomon
Head of Trading

Adam Solomon - TorFX employee since 2005

Responsibilities - Overseeing the company’s exposure to the market and managing the Treasury

"I came for an interview at Tor within a month of graduating from University. I enjoyed great success as an Account Manager and was appointed Head of Trading in 2008. With an estimated turnover of more than £1 billion per year, managing risk is a challenge but one I relish.

I have been given an incredible opportunity at Tor and I’ve developed professional and personal relationships with a great number of clients, some of which have been with me since the very beginning. Some of my best friends in the world are my colleagues and many of them attended my wedding in 2010. We have all grown together and celebrated each other’s professional and personal achievements, from marriage to parenthood. The company gives you a platform to perform and the atmosphere in the offices here in Penzance has always been a key component to the success of the business. It has very much a family feel and many of the employees quite simply wouldn’t work anywhere else."

Gail Darlow
International Payments Manager

Gail Darlow - TorFX employee since 2004

Responsibilities - Managing the ROPS team and online platform customer service team.

"What I’ve loved about TorFX is seeing the business grow from a team of 4 people over 10 years ago to what we have today. It’s been really rewarding to be involved in fundamental projects/leaps in the business to evolve us into a major competitor in the market.

For me personally, it’s the unwavering support TorFX offers both in work and on a personal level that makes it such a great place to work. The company have enabled me to make a career out of a job I love, I can adapt the skills I have to enhance different projects and I hope over the years I have proven to be a key member of the management team."

Luke Trevail
Senior Dealer

Luke Trevail - TorFX employee since 2006

Responsibilities - Assisting with the monitoring of risk and exposure and managing clients’ international transfer requirements.

"After university I started working at a bank and quickly dipped my toe into various roles within the banking network before joining TorFX.

As staff, we are remunerated according to our success and this has allowed me to stay close to the area I grew up in and provide a secure financial future for my family. Tor is a fantastic place to work. It allows you to establish yourself within a business that has continued to grow year on year. I’ve seen a great number of people start their career here and enjoy the successes of the expansion we’ve seen. We are a business that feels more like a family, full of fun, healthy competition, customer focus and positive results."

Hannah Wilson
Account Manager

Hannah Wilson - TorFX employee since 2005

Responsibilities - Managing clients’ international transfer requirements.

"The thing I find most rewarding about my work is getting to know my clients and helping them through the trading process. Emigrating or sending funds overseas can be incredibly stressful, so I try and make exchanging and transferring currency as seamless and as straightforward as I can.

Cornwall is an amazing place to live and work and it’s unusual for this type of business to be operating outside the city. Having worked at TorFX for as long as I have, it’s been fantastic to see how much we’ve grown over the years. I think we make a good team."