Repatriation of Funds

Whether you’ve sold a foreign property, are liquidating overseas assets or moving home after time spent living abroad; TorFX can help you save money when repatriating your funds.

Your bank might be able to repatriate your money, but our more competitive exchange rates and lack of transfer fees make TorFX a money-saving option.

We can save you up to 90% of the costs of using your bank, which could mean a difference of thousands of Pounds on larger currency transfers.

Our international currency transfers are conducted swiftly, securely and at highly competitive rates of exchange, with no transfer fees or hidden charges.

Our specialist Account Managers will also be able to offer invaluable insight into some of the issues you may encounter when moving money home.

Your personal Account Manager can talk you through the options and ensure you get a better exchange rate for your transfer by monitoring the market on your behalf and keeping you informed of the latest shifts and trends. With their support you can achieve a better rate and decide whether to take advantage of specialist services like fixing a favourable exchange rate up to two years in advance.

No matter what your transfer requirement, TorFX can offer you: