Frequently Asked Questions

Why Penzance?

A lot of people wonder why a big financial services company chose to base its UK head office in Cornwall.

While the beaches were certainly a plus point, the decision was actually a strategic one. By basing our head office in Penzance (where the overheads are far lower than in cities like London) we’re able to adopt a more competitive pricing strategy and offer our customers a better deal on their currency transfers.

What makes you a good employer?

There are a few reasons why we’re confident enough to say that we’re one of the best employers in Penwith. For starters, we have a high staff retention rate. A significant proportion of our employees have been with us for more than five years, with a number being part of the TorFX family since our establishment in 2004.

We also know how important it is to listen to our staff. We take their feedback on board and use their insight to help us provide the little treats and perks that make such a big difference.

We also won the Best Employer award at the 2016 Cornwall Business Awards, an accolade of which we’re particularly proud!

Are there opportunities for career progression?

We’ve enjoyed year-on-year growth for over a decade and as the company has expanded, so has our team. The evolving nature of our expansion and our long-term growth plans are creating exciting career opportunities. If you’re enthusiastic, committed and hardworking, joining TorFX could lead to real career progression and job satisfaction.

What’s the office like?

Our building might not be much to look at from the outside (it was once voted the 4th ugliest building in the UK) but we’ve renovated our three floors to make them a comfortable, enjoyable place to work. As well as the usual facilities like air conditioning, we’ve got great kitchen/dining areas with gadgets like George Foreman grills and nutribullets, showers for staff who like to hit the gym in their lunch breaks and fun extras like a vending machine and pool table.