How Do Our Rates Compare?

At TorFX we're committed to helping our customers save time and money on their currency transfers with great exchange rates, no transfer fees and five-star customer service.

The example below shows how much you could save with us compared to a high-street bank (based on a £10,000 GBP/EUR transfer).

  TorFX Average Bank
Rate 1.1637 1.1436
You Receive € 11,637.00 € 11,436.00

If you transfer with TorFX, that's an € 201.00 extra in your overseas account!

Our exchange rate comparison is based on data from FXC Intelligence, an independent comparison service. FXC Intelligence source exchange rate quotes for the relevant transfer amount and currency pair from nine different banks. The average bank rate is then calculated by averaging the margins applied by the banks and multiplying that figure by the live exchange rate at the time the data is gathered.

Rates received 1st July 2024.

Please note, the exchange rates quoted in the table above are not live dealing rates.

If you'd like to get a live exchange rate quote for your transfer, give us a call on +44 (0) 1736 335 250 or log in to your online account.