Euro Exchange Rates

The Eurozone is going through an economically turbulent time at the moment, with every day bringing fresh stories of debt crises and profit warnings. In times like these, it pays to protect your international money transfers against euro exchange rate fluctuations, particularly if you make regular overseas payments.

Foreign exchange specialists TorFX offer highly competitive exchange rates on transfers with 0% commission, providing a safe and reliable way to move money abroad. If you make regular transfers of between £500 and £10,000, we can ensure your payments are made on time and at an excellent rate of exchange, whatever the financial weather.

TorFX also allows you to fix your exchange rate for future trades, which is particularly beneficial for businesses who need to know exactly what they will be paying in the future. Our suite of tools allows businesses to minimise their foreign exchange risk, while receiving regular alerts on opportunities arising in the money markets. You can also set up a stop loss order to trade your currency automatically when exchange rates hit a predetermined level.