Hong Kong Dollar Exchange Rates

Many British expats enjoy the lifestyle that Hong Kong has to offer. The former British colony uses the English language as its primary means of communication and balances mainland Chinese culture with a westernised infrastructure to give a great home from home. Naturally, many people demand highly competitive exchange rates to move their money from their home country to the multi-island dependency.

Given its importance in global finance, many business people find themselves working in Hong Kong and need regular international payment options and a dedicated market insight and analysis into currency trading, which we at TorFX will offer you. With no commission charges on money transfers and fixed rates for up to two years, our FCA authorised service could be exactly what you need to have a consistent supply of Hong Kong dollars.

On top of this, TorFX deals directly with the currency markets and this means we can offer highly competitive exchange rates. This makes it perfect for those buying property overseas, anyone in the process of emigrating or people who have to pay tuition fees in Hong Kong and beyond; you can trust us to support you every step of the way.