Indian Rupee Exchange Rates

As a major member of the British Empire until it gained independence in 1947, India now has the ninth-largest GDP and the fourth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. As a result, it has seen a remarkable level of investment and business from people in the UK, while also becoming one of the more popular destinations for expats and long-term holidaymakers alike.

With this in mind, both short and long-term visitors often need to exchange money for the Indian rupee, and with highly competitive exchange rates they could get with a dedicated broker. Luckily, we at TorFX help people make fast international transfers and ensure you get the cash you need when you want it. With fixed rates for up to two years and regular international payment options, the dependable services of our company will give you peace of mind.

TorFX specialises in large money exchanges, so we can offer assistance whatever your reasons for transfer, whether it's paying an overseas mortgage, receiving an overseas pension or buying a property in India. With expertise in real estate, investment and inheritance transfers -  as well as corporate transactions that can better bank exchange rates by up to five per cent - we may give you a deal you may not be able to turn down!