Japanese Yen Exchange Rates

As one of the world's major business players, it's no surprise that the Japanese Yen is the third most traded currency. Whether you have business interests you need to service in Japan, or if you are emigrating or are working in the country and want to pay a mortgage or other bills back in the UK, TorFX can help.

As a secure FCA authorised payment provider we can arrange fast money transfers to meet individual and corporate requirements. All of our money transfers are commission-free and what's more, we can offer better rates than the banks.

Our customers benefit from the insight of a dedicated broker who can help develop an exchange strategy suited to immediate or long-term needs. To help you minimise financial vulnerability resulting from fluctuating currency rates and aid with planning, we offer the option of fixing your currency exchange rates for up to two years in advance. If you prefer not to forward fix, our alert service can help keep you on the ball by alerting you to rate changes you can even arrange trades to take place when the rate meets a minimum or maximum point set by you.

To start putting your foreign currency dealings into focus, take a look at the great rates you could be enjoying with TorFX and sign up for your personal TorFX account today.