Pound Sterling Exchange Rates

The unpredictable nature of currency markets has made it more important than ever to get the best deal possible on international money transfers. Whether you are moving money in from abroad or converting your pound sterling into another currency, use TorFX's expertise in determining the optimum time to make the transfer.

Opening an account with TorFX for personal or business use is a free, easy process that takes just a few minutes. From here, you can get access to our excellent exchange rates, read high-level market analysis to help you plan your transfers in advance and even receive individually-tailored information from your personal currency account manager.

Unlike banks, which usually charge a commission and a transfer fee to make overseas payments, transfers with TorFX are free. What's more, using our services you can benefit from better exchange rates - up to five per cent better than the banks - while making use of the ability to fix your exchange rate a year in advance.

For more information on Pound Sterling exchange rates check out our dedicated news site, TorFX News.