Singapore Dollar Exchange Rates

Much like its south-east Asian neighbour Hong Kong, Singapore has long been a favoured destination of British expats and business people alike. With English as its official language, this urban utopia served as a major colony for the United Kingdom until 1963, when the 63-island state became independent. It adopted the Singapore dollar, which has long been seen as a stable and highly valuable currency.

Naturally, many travellers - both short and long-term visitors - want to transfer their money to the country and take advantage of highly competitive exchange rates. Here at TorFX, we want to help people make fast international transfers with dedicated brokers who are there to ensure that you get the cash you need when you require it. With regular international payment options and fixed rates for up to two years, there may not be a better option than to use our services.

We specialise in exchanging large amounts of money, so we will be with you every step of the way if you are paying an overseas mortgage, buying a property, buying luxuries of receiving an overseas pension in Singapore. TorFX offers real estate, investment and inheritance transfers to corporate transactions that can be better than bank exchange rates by up to five per cent - it's an opportunity you cannot pass up!