South African Rand Exchange Rates

Our currency exchange service caters for both individuals and groups, so whether you have business dealings in South Africa or financial commitments such as school fees that you need to pay, we can help.  
As a secure FCA authorised payment provider TorFX offer safe tailored transfers and exchange strategies that can help you keep on top of your financial interests overseas. We can arrange one-off payments for big ticket purchases such as family holidays or conference trips, or handle the cost of regular expenses like a mortgage or school fees.

We recognise that fluctuating currency rates can leave you vulnerable to personal losses, which is why we offer our customers the option of fixing their currency exchange rates for up to two years using a forward contract. If forward fixing is not for you, our alert service can help you decide when to make your exchanges by triggering a trade when the rate meets a minimum or maximum point set by you.

Use our range of online tools to calculate how you could be better off with our competitive rates and fill in a few details to set up your TorFX account today, and you too can start enjoying the benefits of exchanging with TorFX.