Swiss Franc Exchange Rates

Switzerland, the ever-neutral heart of Europe, has long been seen as the economic centre of the world for its safe banking system. As the home of a remarkable number of international organisations, banks and charities such as the Red Cross, there are many reasons that people head to the landlocked nation with financial requirements.

Whether you're investing in Swiss property, paying a mortgage there or simply funding education at one of the best European schools, you'll want to avoid the possibility of notoriously volatile currency exchange markets. With our services at TorFX, dedicated brokers will formulate the tailored transfer and exchange strategies you deserve, helping you with every one of the major financial decisions you have to make. With fixed rate services to provide you with consistency and dependability, you could save yourself a lot of money and hassle in the short and long term.

Alongside this, we offer services that will keep track of exchange rates while you're away from your home, so you are given the correct information for when you need to make transfers. With regular email updates on variation in currencies that are important to you, you will always know your financial status.