US Dollar Exchange Rates

With currency fluctuations happening every day, it helps to have a foreign exchange specialist who understands what drives the markets. With the benefit of TorFX's insight, you can time your transactions to get the best exchange rate on the dollar, with no charges and free international money transfers.

What's more, you can fix your exchange rates for up to two years to protect yourself against fluctuations that could otherwise drain thousands of pounds out of your transaction. If you're buying a home in the US, this can lead to significant savings due to the large amounts of money involved, leaving you with more cash to start your new life.

On the other hand, if you have been spending time in the US over the last few months or years and are considering repatriating your funds, TorFX can help you to make a profit from the rate of exchange - we offer rates up to five per cent better than the banks. There are still no charges involved with this service - all international money transfers are free, fast and accompanied by our expert advice.