About Us: Meet the Team

Nigel Fox

Nigel Fox - CEO

During his career Nigel has held sales and senior management positions in large and medium size companies, working for Rio Tinto, Peter De Savary and the Combined Universities in Cornwall. Before taking on the position of CEO, Nigel spent seven years as the Managing Director of TorFX and seven years as the Sales Director, with his focus being on supporting sales growth and managing an expanding sales team.

As CEO Nigel is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of TorFX strategy as well as managing group projects including significant partnerships, acquisitions, overseas expansion and corporate strategy.

When not working Nigel indulges his passion for photography and music, spends time with his children and hones his sporting skills.

Tracy Moore - Managing Director

Tracy Moore - Managing Director

Tracy brought her skills and vibrant personality to TorFX in 2005 following fifteen years’ experience cultivating sales growth and increasing market share in the manufacturing industry.

As Managing Director, Tracy uses her experience, drive and determination to spur her team forward and ensure consistency in all areas, citing being part of such a successful, dynamic and expanding business as the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Tracy is actively involved in all operational functions of Tor’s Penzance office, ensuring that the company is adequately resourced for optimal goal delivery. Another aspect of Tracy’s role is participating in key group projects, like CRM.

An earlier interest in Graphic Design has also proved useful, helping Tracy to oversee design projects within her department. Her hobbies of home renovation, interior design and gardening compliment the creative energy and eye for detail she brings to her work.

Neil Cooper

Neil Cooper - Chief Financial Officer

Neil joined TorFX in June 2017 as CFO. Neil leads the Finance, HR and compliance functions, as well as providing support to the Board and business across a range of activities, including tax, insurance and banking.

Neil has worked in a range of industries including FMCG, Leisure Retail and Housebuilding, having spent 10 years in listed-company CFO roles immediately prior to joining TorFX. Neil is a Fellow of the institute of Chartered Management Accountants.

Leo Markides

Leo Markides - Group Chief Operating Officer

Leo is responsible for the group’s IT development strategy, operational functions and also contributes to group strategy.

Bringing extensive experience from senior roles in a number of payments businesses including AMEX, the Post Office and Moneygram, Leo has a track record in delivering operational excellence.

Leo has a degree in Mathematics from Warwick University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ashley Warden

Ashley Warden

When Ashley joined TorFX in 2007 he brought a wealth of experience with him. After qualifying as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young, Ashley spent the next 25 years working variously as a CEO, CFO, director and entrepreneur.

In his current role, Ashley is responsible for heading up the company’s special projects.

Although he may not have realised his childhood dream of being a wealthy farmer, Ashley’s hobbies of gardening and wandering by the water still give him the chance to don his wellies. 

Gail Darlow

Gail Darlow - International Payments Manager

As one of the original TorFX team, Gail has become an integral part of the company over the years. Her previous managerial experience, bubbly personality and childhood dream of being a Naval Instructor have made Gail perfectly suited to heading the International Payments team.

Gail’s role within TorFX has expanded with the company, and she derives great satisfaction from getting the best out of her team.

Outside of the office Gail likes to ski and cook – though she rarely does both at the same time.

Neil Lawry

Neil Lawry - Head of Marketing

Since joining TorFX in 2005 Neil has specialised in driving acquisition through digital channels (with a particular focus on PPC and Comparison websites).

Neil oversees the marketing requirements for all the TorFX branches and manages a team of web developers, search specialists, marketing executives and content writers.

Neil is based in the UK Head Office and has extensive experience in SEO, PPC, content, email and social media marketing. He also has a keen interest in boats and fishing and enjoys cycling in the stunning Cornish countryside – weather permitting! 

Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon - Head of Trading

Aspirations to become a sports reporter led to Adam obtaining a degree in journalism, but within weeks of graduating in 2005 he was snapped up by a fledgling TorFX.

Within three years Adam had risen to the position of Head of Trading, taking on the responsibility of managing the company’s risk and market exposure while overseeing the Treasury and upholding his previous commitments as an account manager.

If that wasn’t enough responsibility to handle Adam also became a father in 2012. Spending time with his family is a priority for Adam, but he’s also quite partial to a bit of five-a-side.

Adam takes pride in the growth the company has enjoyed over the years and the strong relationships he has managed to build with staff and clients alike.

Andre Hitchinson

Andre Hitchinson - IT Manager

As TorFX strives for efficiency and precision in all areas Andre plays a key role.

Although he once dreamed of being a fighter pilot, Andre worked as a freelance IT engineer and IT manager before joining TorFX. These roles allowed him to gain the experience necessary for keeping the company’s network infrastructure operating to full effect, through monitoring its day-to-day performance and executing upgrades.

When not cooking or mountain biking, Andre’s spare time is spent sampling Cornwall’s wide selection of real ales.

Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones - Fraud and Risk Manager

Caroline came to TorFX in 2011, fresh from eight years spent working in the Financial Crime Department of a retail bank. In her former post Caroline gained experience in a range of aspects of Fraud Operations and Strategy.

Within TorFX Caroline is responsible for supervising the compliance department and ensuring that compliance policy is adhered to throughout the business.

Caroline once considered becoming a criminologist, but now gains satisfaction from knowing that her commitment to managing fraud and compliance as effectively as possible makes a difference across various levels of the company.

Outside of work Caroline enjoys spending time with her family and going for long beach walks.