Your Currency Options

By offering access to a range of services which can be tailored to suit individual requirements, we aim to help you make the most out of every hassle-free currency transfer. Whether you’ve got one large lump sum to send abroad or regular overseas payments to manage, we can help.

So what are your transfer options?

Spot Contract

With this form of contract currencies are exchanged ‘on the spot’ – meaning we secure you the most competitive exchange rate available whenever you need to buy or sell currency for immediate settlement.

Forward Contract

Forward contracts can be particularly useful when budgeting for a future currency exchange as they allow you to fix a rate in advance. With TorFX you can fix the rate up to two years before you need to send or receive the currency, giving you far greater flexibility and security while supporting your financial planning.

We can also help you optimise your trading with different order types.

Limit Order

If you don’t want to trade at the current rate you can leave a Limit Order with your Account Manager targeting a specific exchange rate. We will automatically execute your trade when your target rate becomes available.

Stop Loss Order

If you don’t want to trade at the current rate but are concerned that it may worsen and wish to control this risk you can ask us to execute your trade if the exchange rate deteriorates to your specified level. This allows you to wait for a better rate, but lock in a worst-case rate should the market move against you.

Some clients use a limit order and stop loss order together, protecting against risk and guaranteeing that the exchange will be within a certain range.

The markets are constantly moving, so our dealers will monitor your orders and keep you informed. Orders can be adjusted or cancelled at your instruction at any time prior to being fulfilled.

You will not be asked for any payment until your order has been fulfilled.

Market Insight

As soon as you register as a client with TorFX you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all of your foreign currency requirements and international payments. You’ll also benefit from having access to in-depth analysis prepared by market technicians, whose fundamental and technical approach to gauging currency trends can help you minimise risk and optimise the timing of your transfers.

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Manage Payments 24/7 with TorFX Online

You can also manage your currency transfers through our online platform.

TorFX Online makes it even easier to send and receive international payments from £100 to £25,000 in over 30 currencies. For transfers over £25,000, or if you’d prefer to discuss your transfer with your Account Manager, please use our telephone service.

Whether you chose to transact online or by phone, you can use TorFX Online to monitor the status of your payments, securely upload destination bank account details, view your transfer history and amend your contact information.

For enhanced security reasons, online users require a mobile number in order to activate their account. A 5 digit PIN number is sent to your mobile to enable account activation.

TorFX Online is available 24/7 and you can log on wherever you have internet access.

Once your account is open you are free to trade at any time and benefit from our excellent exchange rates and free transfers.

No matter what your transfer requirement, TorFX can offer you: