Your Currency Options

We keep currency transfers simple and flexible by offering a range of services…

Spot Contract

Good for immediate transfers

We secure you a excellent exchange rate when you need to make an immediate transfer.

Forward Contract

Good for future international payments

Budget effectively and protect your funds from negative market movements by fixing an exchange rate for up to two years in advance of making a transfer.

Market Orders

Good for targeting a specific exchange rate

Limit Order – Target an exchange rate higher than the current rate and we’ll make your transfer automatically if the market reaches that level.

Stop Loss Order – Control the risk of an exchange rate suddenly falling by setting a worst-case rate. You can wait for conditions to improve but know your transfer is protected if they worsen.

Market Insight

Good for timing your currency transfers effectively

By keeping you updated with the latest currency news and ensuring you benefit from the expert insight of a dedicated Account Manager, we can help you time your currency transfers more effectively.

24/7 Transfers

Good for making quick, convenient transfers

While you can arrange transfers of any amount over the phone with your Account Manager, you can also use our online service to transfer up to £25,000 quickly and conveniently. Additionally, your online account gives you the ability to check live rates, set rate alerts, securely add recipients, track your payments and view your transaction history 24/7.

TorFX App

Good for making currency transfers on-the-go

With the TorFX App you can secure excellent exchange rates and manage your currency transfers on-the-go, 24/7.

You can also use the app to check live exchange rates, set rate alerts, change your account information and track the status of transfers.